I assume that one day my main Windows 7 machine will fail or begin to fail. It is now 6 years old(2018) and if the motherboard or CPU were to fail, I don't want to replace them. Especially if it meant being forced to use Windows 10 as it may not be practical to run Win7 on the newer CPU's from Intel or AMD.

Win7 could be run for many years into the future in a Virtual Machine(VM) as the VM is hardware ignorant. And, since a newer processor with more cores would likely run Win7 in the VM as fast as it runs now in native mode on my present hardware setup, it would seem like this would be a satisfactory situation.

In the meantime, I am devoting my time and patience to learning Linux which has a better future, in my estimation, than any future version of Windows. Linux is not perfect, but at least I am gradually extricating myself from the Windows quagmire. See google search for: "Windows 10 issues".

As far as the choice of Linux operating systems is concerned. I chose OpenSuse because it is based on a commercial enterprise grade code base even though you can use it for free. Of course the free version does not include support and certain features which would be useful, mostly in a corporate environment, are not included.

LibreOffice and MS Office Compatibility

Intro to Linux

The case against Windows 10

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