First Time Linux Issues

Even before you have a Linux machine working you can build one in a Virtual Machine on top of your Windows machine. This is an excellent way to become acclimated to Linux.

There is even a way to migrate your Windows machine into what's known as  a Virtual Machine appliance and run it with your original Windows license on top of Linux. I tried this once in 2017 and the clone built correctly, I thought. But, the result would not run. I was suspicious that it would not execute as my system is non standard in that my Windows system is not confined to the C drive. I use links to put users and other stuff on the D drive. I may have made another mistake by trying to build the clone from the Windows machine while the Windows system was in operation. But, I think if your Windows system is pretty standard and not too(?) large it should build and run just fine. Once you have this working you have a legal Windows system that you can run in a Virtual Machine on top of Linux(deactivate on the original, activate the VM on startup, I have not tested this). And, the Linux machine could be running on a high performance motherboard and CPU, such that the VM with Windows will perform as well as the original machine.

Dolphin is the Windows version of File Manager.

System->Yast supports all the system types of configuration like: adding software, online update, networking, security, printer support, etc.

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