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Below are the links to general information about migrating out of Windows. I am deeply involved in migrating a large, complex Windows 7 Desktop system into OpenSuse 15. The two links below will get you started, but here is a summary of what I am doing. The material presented is presently without any pictures or graphics and the interface is "very plain" as it makes for fast loading and there is no java script to worry about. If you are new to Linux read this. A review of Linux distributions 2018



Mozilla True Type Fonts

OpenSuse vs Ubuntu Another Article

Hardware: using two separate physical machines. Using one keyboard and one mouse hooked up via a KVM switch: 2 Port USB 2.0 VGA KVM Switch Up to 2048x1536 Resolution with USB Hub for PC or Monitor Switching. The mouse and keyboard are USB and the video is VGA. The VGA is not being used or switched. This switch performs very well.

(Obsolete info: Hardware: two separate physical machines. Using one keyboard(KVM switch HDE) and two separate mice. The KVM switch is only changing the keyboard, not the video or mice. The mice and keyboard are not USB)

Windows: Asus P8P67 Deluxe Motherboard with I7-2600K processor. 16 GB memory. Multiple(5) disk drives (12TB).

Linux: GigaByte  GA-78LMT-USB3.1 Motherboard with AMD processor FX4300, 16 GB memory. 1 TB SSD disk drive and 256MB SSD.

I will post notes here about the issues that I am researching concerning the details of the migration, mostly ones that are not covered in what is online. OpenSuse installs without much difficulty and the apps that come with it generally can be used by anyone familiar with Windows. My wife's machine is using OpenSuse 15. OpenSuse 15 creates an environment that is very Windows like.

Security(keys, passwords), drag/drop, file sharing, virtual machine setups, backup, Linux applications: specific issues(differences)

Windows Equivalents

Programmer's Notes

Technical: Version Control, Etc.


I can provide technical assistance for a fee if you need more than what I post. Email is the best way to reach me: captmikemaurice @

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