I have included the obsolete information about Linux Printer Drivers below. Today in June 2019, Brother printers appears to have the best support for printing in Linux. I have installed the drivers on four Linux machines for a Brother DCP-L2550DW with virtually no trouble. Their support pages are the best of the lot in comparison to HP or Canon. Be sure to use the Brother Drivers direct from their website.

A note about installing the Brother drivers. USB or hardwired network connections work without a hitch. However, if the Linux machine is using a wireless connection to the local LAN, I have had to delete the the printer from the web page interface that the install sets up and manually add a new printer where the IP address is entered by hand. The router should have that IP address made static.  The original install sets up a USB port by default, so if you want the printer to work over the LAN WiFi, this fix is required.

(Obsolete Info: Printers have been a major issue. You have three choices, check your printers for Linux compatibility, buy Linux compatible printers, or run your non-compatible Linux printers in a Windows Virtual Box. Check printer compatibility: search the manufacturers website for a Linux driver; use a search engine: "brother printers Linux", etc).

Canon appears to have a good selection of Linux drivers and other manufacturers are bound to follow suit.  HP Linux
Out of date compatibility info: Printing and Printer Compatibility.   More compatibility info  


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