Virtual Machine Issues

Once you have a Linux machine working, you can install a virtual machine system in which you can run Windows, Linux and most anything you can think of.

OpenSuse comes with XEN and KVM. VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation Player can be installed instead, and from there you can run a Windows system in the virtual machine created. These VM systems support copy/paste, drag and drop and other fancy features between the base Linux system and the VM machine running on it. If you build a VM to run Windows in you can then run any legacy applications that you may not be able to find suitable Linux substitutes.

Special techniques are required to provide file sharing, copy/paste between machines located on the local LAN or more remotely over the Internet. There are several "cloud" based solutions, including an add-on to Chrome browser. Others include: ClipSync, ShareMouse,, Network Clipboard, PonPon.

ZDnet article(Jan. 2016): legit copies of Windows 7

Amazon: Windows 7 Professional SP1 32bit  64bit

Warning: cheap disks that are "Restore", etc. can't be used for a fresh install. Amazon has many offerings you are looking for SP1(service pack 1), in whatever flavor of Windows 7 you want to use: Home, Professional, Ultimate, etc. Be careful to get what you thought you were getting. Be sure to read the reviews and the ZDnet article above.

Microsoft Official Windows 7 SP1 download page

Rollup Update for SP1 explanation   Download page

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