Linux/Windows Sharing

There are several ways to share and/or access files/folders from different machines.

Linux to Windows, Windows to Linux, Linux to Linux, etc. Folders as well as files can be shared using Samba Servers/Clients. Machines (files/folders) can be accessed using FTP(or SFTP) using FTP servers/clients. Machines can be accessed using SSH(Secure Shell) servers/clients. Each set of methods has it's own special applications and some apps can do both FTP and SSH.

The first thing you need is some minimal access between machines. FTP without security will do since you are using machines on a Local Lan (192.168.x.x).

On the Linux machine: Install ftp server modules in Yast. Then enable it from Network Services->FTP Server. Enable on-boot, set the allowed path, open firewall, enable uploading, add ftp to users group, start it. The upload folder will have special permissions, add your name to the list of r/w access. Be careful to use your user name "mike" or whatever and the password to that name in the FTP client. If you login during the ftp session under "anonymous" the user/group will be ftp/ftp.

The best way to move files from Windows to the Linux machine is with ftp, logging in as the Linux user and then ftp the files you want moved or copied to the user folders.

On the Windows Machine: A method between: Windows and Linux

Setting up local DNS for your LAN. There are three major ways for this. Create on each machine a localhosts file listing other machines in the LAN. Setup a DNS server (Windows) (OpenSuse)on one of the machines, and in some cases your wireless router can provide the DNS support. Local DNS support means associating a name with an IP address, like: linux-office, where you can then use the name instead of the IP address.

8 Things to do after installing OpenSuse

Samba provides full folder/file access, but is way more complicated to setup.

In OpenSuse 15: install yaste2-samba, server and client. Then enable Windows Domain Membership.

Using Linux as a Media Server

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