Windows Equivalents

The rough equivalent of a Windows shortcut is a desktop file.

Right click the desktop and create an empty file (or use gedit) named easytether.desktop. Paste this into this file:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=apptobe executed and parameters

and save! You will then need to make the file executable, by editing the properties of the file, or running: chmod +x easytether.desktop.
Set Terminal to true if you want to see the terminal flash during execution.

Google Search "Linux equivalent tasks"

Task Manager: System Monitor applet (equiv of Windows Task Mgr).  In OpenSuse: System->KSysGuard

.Bat files = .sh files.  Linux files to be executable have to have the executable permission bit set. Windows batch files don't need this.

Adding Fonts. In Yast->Software Management, search on "font", "mstt" or "true". The mstt will locate the fetchmsttfonts script, which will retrieve the MS Truetype fonts and install them! If you have special fonts they are in C:\Windows\Fonts


SuseGeek as a lot of good tips, but the material is somewhat dated, nothing newer than about Jan. 2016.

System Administrator(ion)

Linux Sudo

OpenSuse Sudo

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